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Welcome to the Furside!

Our All-Organic Pet Grooming Includes:



  • Holistic,  All-Natural Bath & Blow-Dry

  • Gentle Eye & Ear Cleaning

  • Toenails Trimmed

  • Anal Glands Expressed If Necessary

  • Thorough Comb-Out & Basic De-Matting  

  • Owners Of Unruly Dogs May Be Asked To Assist

  • Pricing Varies From Dog To Dog

  • No Sedation Whatsoever (Groomers included!)

  • Ask about our enzymatic toothpaste for your pet's teeth

  • Special-Needs Dogs always welcome



NOTE:  All pets must be current on both rabies and bordatella(aka kennel cough) vaccines BEFORE they will be admitted for grooming.   Pets that are not current will be sent home.  We want to keep all of our pets safe and healthy.  Thank you.

Grooming Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 9-6

Saturday:  9-5


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Furside East Atlanta

Pet Spa and Grooming Salon


481 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: (404) 588-5683



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